Our experience of buying an award ticket on Star Alliance flights

Star Alliance redemption

Having not travelled much in 2017 and all of 2018, Preethika and I had decided on making at least two international trips this year. Our first international trip of 2019 was to Taiwan. While we were in Taiwan, Preethika bounced the idea of visiting Chiang Mai once again, this time to witness and take part … Read more

British Airways passengers, you can forget reclining and relaxing on your next flight

British Airways Airbus non-reclining seats

In a bid to reduce the cost of airline flight tickets, British Airways is doing away with reclining seats for its economy passengers. British Airways is scheduled to receive a new fleet of 35 Airbus A320neos and A321neos, which will be based on this new configuration. These new planes with the new seating arrangements will … Read more

Here’s Emirates and Turkish Airlines’ electronics handling service in action

Yes, the electronics ban by US and UK is in action and the affected Middle Eastern and African airlines have all started figuring out different ways to overcome this issue. While the Jet Airways and Etihad Airways combo have just asked their passengers to follow the rules, Emirates first and then Turkish Airlines have taken … Read more

Here’s how Turkish Airlines is handling the Electronics Ban

The US enforced electronics ban has been in effect for about two days now, and the airlines from the Middle West and Africa have responded in their own ways to tackle this issue, creating new policies in the process. We’ve answered many questions regarding this US electronics ban in an earlier post. #electronicsban ? pic.twitter.com/U3S7sdkipy … Read more

Electronics Ban: Travel Advisory from Jet/Etihad Airways for those flying to the US

US electronics ban travel advisory

With the D-day coming closer (the US electronics ban for airlines goes into effect on March 25, here’s everything you need to know about the electronics ban enforced by the United States), all the affected airlines have started communicating with their audiences one way or another. In short, passengers on airlines from the Middle East … Read more

Emirates Announces A New Service, Laptop & Tablet Handling Service for US Flights

Emirates electronics ban

Update: Jet Airways has issued a travel advisory for its passengers flying to the US with its strategic partner, Etihad Airways. This whole week has been about the airline industry. First, it started with the United States shocking the world with the “electronics ban” on airlines taking off from the Middle East and Africa, affecting … Read more

After US, UK also announces an electronics ban on flights from the Middle East & North Africa

UK electronics ban

The shock treatment continues. After the USA announced a ban on electronics on flights originating from the Middle East and Africa, the UK has also announced a ban on electronic items as a part of your cabin luggage. If it is any consolation, the ban by the UK is not as Draconian as their American … Read more

Airline Electronics Ban – Your Questions Answered

Airline electronics ban

Update: The UK has also announced an electronics ban, with a longer list of airlines including British Airways. What started off as a tweet by the Royal Jordanian Airlines last night has since then become the talk of the town for the whole of today. The United States has instructed nine Middle Eastern and African airlines to … Read more

Is this the beginning of Airline Wars in India Part 2?

There have been quite a few airline ticket sales in the last few months, with airlines trying out every trick in their sleeve to get a bigger market share, and to improve their respective brand loyalties. Jet Airways brought out their GetMore campaign and even gave out free business class upgrades on Twitter. SpiceJet introduced … Read more

Jet Airways is Giving Away Free Upgrades on Twitter

If you’ve noticed recently, Jet Airways has been going gung ho with their ‘Get More’ campaign, reiterating the fact that while you do end up paying a little more, you get a lot more. If you ask me, I think that’s quite true – gone are the days when there was a huge price difference between full service carriers and their low cost counterparts.

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