BSR Farms review – best place to stay in Pauri Garhwal, Uttarakhand


We were really excited about going to Kedarnath and if you have read our earlier posts, you’ll know by now that we took the chopper on the way up and walked our way down. The walk is around18 km from the Kedarnath temple to Gaurikund. Keeping that distance in mind, we did quite a bit of research to figure out just the perfect property in and around Rudraprayag or Srinagar (the one in Uttarakhand) to help us chill and relax. Read on to know more about the property we chose 🙂

Why BSR Farms?

Perfect family farm stay

Imagine a house, nestled on top of a mountain with just dogs and very few neighbours to give you company. BSR Farms was that dream which came true for us. This farmhouse offers a nice bamboo styled room with the facilities you need and abundance of views and nature in her beautiful form.

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Perfect location in Pauri Garhwal

Nature around BSR Farms

While BSR Farms was a little off route from our drive back to Rishikesh, we knew that we wouldn’t get a second chance to explore the interiors of the Gharwal region of Uttarakhand again. Pauri is near Srinagar, still not commercial, and absolutely beautiful. If you are looking to relax and chill over a weekend or weekdays, BSR Farms is just the perfect place.

Best location in Parui Hills

Once we reached BSR Farms, we knew that anyone will fall in love with the location. It is nature everywhere with very less human intervention.

Good facilities & warm hospitality

BSR Farms has 4 bamboo houses currently. The limited rooms make it perfect for group travellers. Whether it is with family or friends, this farm stay makes it an ideal choice.

Inside BSR Farms Uttarakhand

The yummy food comes from a small kitchen used by the staff. The green chutney that they gave alongside our Aloo Paratha was drool. The dining area is right next to the kitchen. The staff lights a bonfire every night and that area also doubles up as a party corner. Don’t miss the treehouse from where you can enjoy brilliant views.

BSR Farms views

Things to do in Srinagar (Pauri)

Abhishek, the owner organises a full day outing amidst nature. This is a curated walk along the streams and in the woods. Imagine eating home-cooked food right in the middle of the forest, unlimited greenery around you, running streams to quench your thirst and memories in the Garhwal region of a lifetime. Ensure you have two days at least when you stay in BSR Farms to make the most of it.


BSR Farms Food

If the intention is to take a break and enjoy nature, there is no better place than BSR Farms. Uninterrupted views, nature at her best, away from all the hustling and bustling noises, truly a home away from home.


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