Must-Visit Places Near Leh

Hiddden places in Ladakh

Most of us travel to Leh on a packaged tour. Why? The taxi union rates are high and fixed. To spend as a single traveller or two is an expensive affair unless it’s a honeymoon trip :D. What happens to those places the packages don’t include?!. The answer is simple – those places are more … Read more

Top 10 Things To Do In Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer is one of the princely cities of Rajasthan located in the Thar Desert. It stands true to its name of being called the Golden City. Sandstone architecture, a key city for trade during the olden days, this city will, for sure, take you back in time. To cover all the places mentioned below, you … Read more

Pongal Festival in Madurai – A one of a kind celebration

Celebrate Pongal Madurai

The Pongal festival has never been a reason for a big celebration at home. It usually starts with us waking up at around 730 AM and start the day as usual. Amma (mom) is always the busy one making Sweet Pongal, regular Pongal, Sambhar, Rasam and Payasam in her kitchen. The rest of us watch … Read more

BSR Farms review – best place to stay in Pauri Garhwal, Uttarakhand

Stay Near Srinagar in Uttarakhand

We were really excited about going to Kedarnath and if you have read our earlier posts, you’ll know by now that we took the chopper on the way up and walked our way down. The walk is around18 km from the Kedarnath temple to Gaurikund. Keeping that distance in mind, we did quite a bit … Read more

Book your personal destination photographer while travelling with ShootMe

Vacation Photography in India

What comes to your mind the moment someone mentions the word, “photoshoot”? For me, all I can think of are weddings and all the bling around it, baby showers or sometimes even birthday parties. No one thinks of a travel or a vacation photoshoot, and therefore a destination photographer. But tell me the truth, how … Read more

Planning a trip to Kedarnath? Here’s everything you need to know

Information on Kedarnath

For the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic hit all of us, we travelled in the third week of October 2020, a trip to Kedarnath via Rishikesh. Corona was posing a huge threat and we were fully aware of it. However, we did quite a bit of reading and understood that Uttarakhand was one of … Read more

Best of the hot springs in Pai – Everything you should know!

Pai hot springs things to do

When in Pai, you are in the mood to chill as much as possible and as long as possible. This pretty quaint little town is blessed with lovely landscapes, great places to eat and drink, awesome vibe and great memories to take back. While we spent three nights during our recent trip, and one of … Read more

Things to do in Pai – Tham Lod Caves

Flowstone in Tham Lod Caves

When we were planning for things to do in Pai and Chiang Mai, we definitely wanted to visit a cave. You may wonder why. There are so many caves in Thailand and some are amazing. Some caves have temples housing Buddha statues inside, some caves were used for burial, some are abundant in flora, and … Read more

Three Days In Pai (ปาย), Thailand

Things to do in Pai

There are so many small hippie places and one such is Pai in Thailand. Just a few hours away from Chiang Mai, and to be precise, 762 curves leads you to this lazy backpacking town. If you have been to Chiang Mai, everyone there will suggest that you should visit Pai and stay at least … Read more