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What comes to your mind the moment someone mentions the word, “photoshoot”? For me, all I can think of are weddings and all the bling around it, baby showers or sometimes even birthday parties. No one thinks of a travel or a vacation photoshoot, and therefore a destination photographer.

But tell me the truth, how many of you wished that there was someone around who’d take that perfect picture while travelling? 🙂

The usual scenarios of travel and photography

  • Partner/friend gets to become the photographer, ends up clicking 100 photos, and none of them is satisfactory
  • We end up asking a random stranger to take our photo. More often than not, they end up taking photos that are slanting, and sometimes, you will find half your head missing, no background etc (I know, sad)
  • Using selfie sticks, and more often than not you are worried that the stick is going to hurt someone, or worse still, you end up hurting someone and leave the place without a beautiful picture
  • We convince ourselves that we are the best photographers around and make (un) successful attempts at capturing that perfect picture.

What if I say that there is a way by which, when you are vacationing, you can get beautiful pictures of yourself at all those beautiful destinations that you end up visiting?

No, I’m not joking.

Let me introduce to you to ShootMe, an online destination photographer booking service.

Destination Photographers? What’s that?

Destination Photographers seem to be the newest kid in the block in India. For us travel bloggers, ShootMe makes our lives so much better and helps us in communicating the beauty of a place in a more visually appealing manner.

Is ShootMe available across the world?

Connect with ShootMe

At present, ShootMe operates in locations across India, Australia, and Bali, and we are told that more destinations across the world are being added. If your chosen destination is not available, you can directly connect with them too.

Booking a destination photographer on ShootMe, from start to finish

Go to the ShootMe website, chose your destination and the destination photographer. Simple isn’t it?

Vacation Photography

You will receive a mail from ShootMe team once the destination and photographer are confirmed. The team will then set up a call based on our convenience with the destination photographer. We found this quite helpful since we were able to discuss how we wanted the shoot to be, our thoughts behind it, picture references, etc. This also helped us in getting to know the photographer better, which made interactions on the day of the shoot easy!

How to book a vacation photographer

The entire experience was super smooth for us. Each and every step was confirmed over an email which ensured there wouldn’t be any confusion later. Since we had interacted with the photographer before, it was easy for us to make the best of the place and time. Yes, thankfully we didn’t waste time feeling shy or wondering how to pose or where to pose. Our photographer was sweet and he showed us his clicks then and there to ensure that we were satisfied. He also helped us by suggesting poses and patiently explained how he visualised the shots and what we had to do.

Post the shoot, in exactly a week’s time, they emailed our set of photos.

Vacation Photography

Were we happy seeing those pictures?? Of course 🙂

Advantages of hiring a local or destination photographer

Vacation Photography in India
  1. Helps us unlock hidden locations
  2. We can avoid carrying heavy photography gear
  3. Photoshoots add more fun to the trip 🙂
  4. In case we do not know the local language, we already have a friend who can help us with that
  5. Edited photos can straight go on social media

Now, if only we had booked a destination photographer during our recent trip to Chiang Mai 🙂


ShootMe is the perfect marriage of “many travellers wanting lifelong pictorial memories” and “talented photographers who create that magic in any given destination”; thus making this idea not just a brilliant one, but an affordable one as well.

We this is an excellent business idea, one that we will definitely use during our future trips, This business model also provides photographers with a platform to try new things when it comes to travel photography.

Go ahead and get those dreamy pictures of yours in the backdrops that you have always wanted in. Let us know about your experience.

ShootMe Photography when Travelling

Disclaimer: While this photoshoot has been sponsored by ShootMe, the above is an honest account of our experience.


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