Best of the hot springs in Pai – Everything you should know!


When in Pai, you are in the mood to chill as much as possible and as long as possible. This pretty quaint little town is blessed with lovely landscapes, great places to eat and drink, awesome vibe and great memories to take back. While we spent three nights during our recent trip, and one of the first things we planned was a dip in the natural hot springs in Pai. We had been to Beitou Hot Spring Resort in Taipei and couldn’t wait to experience some more.

Imagine you are in the midst of a jungle and the water is the right amount of hot. An experience which will soothe not only the body but also the mind 🙂

Hotsprings in Pai

We had three choices presented in front of us. Tha Pai Hot Spring, followed by the Pai Hot Springs Spa Resort which is very close to Tha Pai and Sai Ngam hot springs. Some folks at our hostel in Pai suggested that we go to the Pai Hot Springs Spa Resort as its closer, and also a lot of backpackers go there. After some research, we zeroed in on Sai Ngam hot springs in Pai as it gave us the chance to ride and explore the countryside of Pai more and was supposed to be less crowded. However, there’s also a brief note about the other two hot springs in Pai, should you choose to explore.

Selfie at Sai Ngam Hotspring

Sai Ngam hot springs in Pai

Pai Highway to Sai Ngam Hotspring

Ride Along Route 1095

The road that leads to the Sai Ngam hot springs is pretty adventurous, and a lesser-powered vehicle won’t do justice to the steep roads. You will know what I mean when you get here, but this was fun as well.

Ample space in Sai Ngam Hotspring

Entry: THB 200 per person at The Lum Nam Pai Wildlife Sanctuary + THB 20 for two-wheelers

We changed, and I first went inside to check how hot the water was. I don’t enjoy hot or cold water and was praying this was just perfect, especially after a chilly ride along the mountains. The water was warm, at a temperature that anyone would be comfortable.

Sai Ngam Hotspring Pai

Seeing the glow on my face, Narayanan joined, and we spent about 30 minutes in the hot spring.

There are three levels at Sai Ngam, the first one being the most used as it is huge. The second pool had fewer people, and the temperature was almost the same as the first. The third pool is rather shallow, and therefore, not used.

Also, do note that spending a lot of time in hot water (hot springs, in this case, is not advisable). If the water is warmer than 40 degrees celsius, it is better not to stay in the water for more than 10-15 minutes at a time. If the water is lukewarm (38 degrees or less), then you can spend a longer time. However, most hotsprings are warmer than 40 degrees, but luckily, the hot springs at Sai Ngam weren’t.

The sulphur-rich water in hot springs has skin healing properties. It also helps you relax, and thus, in sleeping better.

Hotspring in Pai

We hung out in this place for some time before leaving. Some people went to the other side where they were taking a sunbath and enjoying with LIVE music. While we wished we could have joined them, it was time for us to hit the next place.

Please note that there are changing rooms available at the Sai Ngam hot springs. They also provide lockers at a price, and if you so choose, you can keep your stuff out in the open as well. I’m sure there is nothing to worry about keeping stuff anywhere.

Tha Pai Hot Springs

Hotsprings in Pai
Photo Credit: My Chiang Mai Tour

Also known as Pong Nam Ron Thapai, it is a part of Huai Nam Dang National Park, in Mae Hong Son province. This hot spring is only 8-10 km from the city centre. There are several levels here, and there is a difference in temperature as the level changes. The higher you go, the warmer the water gets. They too have changing rooms, restrooms, restaurants to chill.

Pai Hotsprings Spa Resort

hotspring in Pai
Photo Credit: Pai HotSprings Spa Resort

As the name suggests, the resort has hot springs that you can pay and enjoy. There are many categories of hot spring pools to choose from. You can find more details on their website.

Time to take the dip eh? 🙂


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