Must-Visit Places Near Leh

Hiddden places in Ladakh

Most of us travel to Leh on a packaged tour. Why? The taxi union rates are high and fixed. To spend as a single traveller or two is an expensive affair unless it’s a honeymoon trip :D. What happens to those places the packages don’t include?!. The answer is simple – those places are more … Read more

Top 10 Things To Do In Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer is one of the princely cities of Rajasthan located in the Thar Desert. It stands true to its name of being called the Golden City. Sandstone architecture, a key city for trade during the olden days, this city will, for sure, take you back in time. To cover all the places mentioned below, you … Read more

Sri Lanka to open up for travellers from around the world on January 23, 2021

Sri Lanka railway tracks

Here’s some good news for travellers. Sri Lanka is opening up its international airports for tourists from all countries on 23rd January 2021. Sri Lanka’s economy is highly dependent on tourism and this move will help kickstart their economy. In this regard, Sri Lanka’s Tourism Department has identified 12 tourist locations across the country which … Read more

Book your personal destination photographer while travelling with ShootMe

Vacation Photography in India

What comes to your mind the moment someone mentions the word, “photoshoot”? For me, all I can think of are weddings and all the bling around it, baby showers or sometimes even birthday parties. No one thinks of a travel or a vacation photoshoot, and therefore a destination photographer. But tell me the truth, how … Read more

Travelling in the times of Corona / COVID19

Travelling during Corona

Let’s go. Let’s not. Oh common, let’s go. But we can’t! When will it be safe to travel again? Where does one travel during COVID? Thanks to the Coronavirus we have crazy amount of travel restrictions, we won’t even have fun. You get the drift. Not a day went by when we didn’t talk about … Read more

Begpackers – Begging tourists giving budget travellers a bad name?

Begpacking in Asia

Let me introduce you to two terms – begpacking and busking. How many of you have heard of these terms? Begpacking Vs Busking Begpackers are tourists, mostly westerners (in fact, we’ve never heard of an Asian begpacker) who beg on the roads (mostly in Asia) to fund their travels. It is sometimes written as beg … Read more

Achievers’ Retreat Unconference at Sterling Ooty Fern Hill Resort

I recently had the honour of being invited to an Achievers’ Retreat by Sterling Holidays along with nine other travel-minded folks from various industries. This retreat followed an unconference format, conducted by my friend Kiruba Shankar where each of us spoke about different facets of travel that turned out to be a super interesting two … Read more

Your questions on Malaysian Visa for Indian Citizens answered

How to apply for Malaysian visa for Indians

A couple of years ago, during our trip to Cambodia and Vietnam, we had a little bit of an adventure right at the start. We were flying Air India Express from Chennai to Kuala Lumpur and Air Asia from Kuala Lumpur to Siem Reap. This means that we land at KLIA terminal and shift from … Read more

Four ancient monuments that are a must visit in Tamil Nadu

Entrance to Big Temple

There are so many olden day architectural marvels that exist around us even today. While many monuments are beautiful and nice to visit, some of them make you go “WOW”. If you are living in and around Tamil Nadu or plan to visit this Southern State of India, and if you love exploring ancient temples … Read more

One Awesome, Crazy and an Eventful Day in Ajmer and Pushkar

One days trips in Rajasthan

Ajmer and Pushkar in Rajasthan offer different environments for travellers and explorers. Both these cities are in close proximity to each other, yet they are so distinctly different and offer a completely different vibe. So when we decided to stay for few nights in Jaipur, we set aside a day to visit Ajmer and Pushkar. … Read more