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Eight Day Travel Itinerary For Greece

Greece Itinerary

One of the oldest civilizations in the history of mankind, beautiful landscapes, warm and friendly people and the best place for vegetarians travelling abroad – that’s Hellenic Republic aka Greece for you!

I have jotted down on how we planned this trip after a lot of research on the internet. And here is my story on Greece – where to go, how to go and what to do.

Days in Greece
Here is how we spent our time in AthensMeteora, Santorini and Mykonos. Oh this trip was dreamy, beautiful and I don’t think anyone can ever say enough to these cities.

Make sure your camera batteries are fully charged as you will feel like clicking anything and everything you see around you – that’s what this beauty does to you. Have a great trip and please feel free to ask any questions you may have and I shall try to be of help. 🙂

Founder of Passing Ports, Preethika is a traveler whom you just can't ignore. A juggler between office hours and personal life, nothing gets her more excited than exploring new destinations and cultures. Extremely passionate about going to lesser known places, Preethika started penning down her experiences, and Passing Ports is the result of that love for travel, thus inspiring others to experience a life beyond the rants of our daily lives.

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    1. Greece, at the beginning of October, is pleasant in the mainland and chilly in the islands. Do note that the islands start shutting down from the second week of October onwards, so if your intention is to visit the islands, would recommend that you finish that bit in the first week itself.

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