Spiti – A Dream Trip With Transforming Travels

Spiti In Himachal Pradesh

A travel experience that transformed my life, and I say this with a huge smile 🙂 After seven days of Spiti through Transforming Travels, I never knew I could get so poetic in my life and see things with more clarity and passion. You don’t need a picturesque place to get absorbed and enveloped in … Read more

How to make the best use of six days in Spiti Valley

Spiti Valley

Six days in Spiti Valley – Imagine travelling to an unknown destination for a week which is off mobile connectivity, internet and other worldly pleasures. It’s all about you and the true beauty of nature. Ready for a lifetime of an experience? I surely was not until I saw it for real. I had the … Read more

Undavalli Caves – A Small Yet Beautiful Piece of History

Caves in Guntur, AP

Some trips are not planned, they just happen. That’s how I landed in Undavalli Caves. Having not heard of it till I landed in Vijaywada, I was super excited to explore this one. Undavalli Caves is 12 km from this city in Andhra Pradesh. And as I keep saying in my Instagram feed (follow me!), … Read more

Places To Visit In Odisha In Three Days

Places to see in Odisha

We are already in those crazy days where the sun’s heat is literally frying us every second when we step outside. As the days were coming closer to pack that backpack of ours to visit the state of Odisha, we were hoping that the weather be kind. Horribly hot 🙁 This post will help you … Read more

Three Days In Aurangabad – The City Of Caves

City of Caves

History in every corner, religions that happily co-existed for a very long time now, so many cultures and practices and most of all friendly locals. This is a post which summarizes what we did in Aurangabad – the city of caves for three days. You will definitely need three days just to explore three different … Read more

Trip to Meghalaya: Three days is just not enough

Things to do in Meghalaya

2018 is here and we have already ticked off one from our list of places which was a trip to Meghalaya. While we are still looking at our new year pictures, the month of January and February has already gone by – so fast! Narayanan and I are having really busy days at work which … Read more

Homestay Review: ByneKaadu in Kalasa, Chikmagalur

Review of the homestay

When friends / a large family decide to go for a quick getaway, the kind of property that gets searched on Google are usually different from when people travel as couples. You know, suddenly you want to check out homestays that are eco-friendly, okay with loud noises and be surrounded by numerous people, don’t really … Read more

Thanjavur – places to visit and things to do

Things to do in Thanjavur

Finally, my long wait to visit one of the most famous temples in the world was about to end. We live about 400 km away from this temple in Thanjavur and yet it has taken us 30+ years to step foot at this place. Yes, I am talking about the Brihadeeshwarar Temple, also known as … Read more

Four ancient monuments that are a must visit in Tamil Nadu

Entrance to Big Temple

There are so many olden day architectural marvels that exist around us even today. While many monuments are beautiful and nice to visit, some of them make you go “WOW”. If you are living in and around Tamil Nadu or plan to visit this Southern State of India, and if you love exploring ancient temples … Read more

Svatma Heritage, Thanjavur – Hotel Review

Best property in Tanjore

Thanjavur or Tanjore (as the British called it) has been on our bucket list for long. Across time, whenever we passed by Trichy, Madurai or even Salem, the thought always crossed our mind that we take a detour to Thanjavur on our way back to Chennai. Never did that across the last 5+ years, but … Read more