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Hotel Review: Silver Sand Beach Resort, Neil Island

Neil Island place to stay

One of the lesser visited islands in Andaman, Neil Island is a place where one can truly shut themselves off from the outside world. This island offers three beautiful beaches - Bharatpur, Laxmanpur and Sitapur Beach. There is also a natural bridge formation that one can visit when in Neil

Jog Falls And Sahasralinga In One Day

Jog falls

This has been my childhood dream, to visit the Jog Falls. Lots and lots of people have always had great things to say about this nature's gift. Obviously, the urge to check this off my list was growing out of proportion. Another interesting destination that was on my list was Sahasralinga

Hotel Review: The Windflower Resorts and Spa, Pondicherry

The Windflower, Pondicherry

Usually, people associate backpacking with budget travel, and that is a big misconception. Carrying a backpack (only) and lesser clothes doesn't mean you can't stay in luxury :) Narayanan and I are the kind of travellers who love to experience everything, right from hostels to luxurious resorts across the world.

Gingee Fort – India’s Most Impregnable Fortress

Gingee Fort

While in school, I remember our history textbooks focusing on the history of North India way more than the South. Off the cuff, I can recollect the Red Fort, Gwalior fort and the Jaisalmer fort. This could be either because the North of India was witnessing way more invasions in the

South India: Did you know this about Pondicherry?

Pondy and things to do

Pondicherry is a small beach town along the coast of Tamil Nadu. The first thing that anyone will tell you about Pondicherry is to buy liquor since it is considered dirt cheap, thanks to its status as a union territory (UT). Just to understand what people thought about Pondicherry, I asked