When it is about InterContinental Chennai, it is all about the Sunday Brunch


As some of you might have noticed, we’ve been sharing a lot of pics and videos from InterContinental Chennai Mahabalipuram Resort. For those who haven’t guessed yet, Passing Ports has partnered with InterContinental Chennai to bring together a series of events, and we started off with their Sunday Brunch.

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A little more about InterContinental Chennai’s Sunday Brunch

When we got talking to the team at this beautiful luxury resort from Chennai, and the discussion was about partnering with them to promote the Sunday Brunch at The Melting Pot(#ICSundayBrunch), that was a very easy call for us to make. Preethika and I had been to this particular InterContinental property a few times before and had experienced the #ICSundayBrunch twice and had simply loved the food, something that can’t be said about a lot of 5-star properties in the country. The two times we dined there, not only was the spread top-notch, it was also quite extensive and the taste was finger-licking. We are rather conscious about the brands we promote, and given our prior experiences with both InterContinental Chennai as well as their Sunday Brunch, saying yes was a no-brainer.

Along with the InterContinental team, we shortlisted people based on various factors, split them into two groups and hosted them last Sunday (June 4th) and this afternoon (June 11th), to showcase the new avatar of the Sunday Brunch – much bigger (it was already big, kudos to Chef Negi and team for taking it to another level altogether) and better!

Here’s the first happy bunch 🙂

InterContinental Chennai

And some more from the June 4th edition. The DIY mocktail challenge started off rather slowly but caught speed towards the end. The result was great and colourful, and it is here for you to see 🙂

Sunday Brunch with Food Bloggers at IC Chennai

Who doesn’t like a good Boomerang video? 😉

Here are the guests of today’s session, some of Chennai’s best food bloggers 🙂

Sunday Brunch at InterContinental Bloggers Meet

Mannequin Challenges are the flavour of the season, and there was one organised along with the chefs. All of us had super fun!

Hogged a lot of desserts today, absolutely yummy! Thank you Chef Indrashish 🙂

#ICSundayBrunch dessert section

The sun was kind to us today and we ended up taking a lot of photos. Here is my favourite!

InterContinental Chennai Passing Ports

Listing a bunch of posts written by the guests who joined us on June 4th and June 11th. Will update this list as and when people publish their experiences.

Thanks to all those who made it to the two events, the events wouldn’t have been a success without you. Many thanks to Vijai, Chef Negi, Arohi and the rest of the InterContinental Chennai team as well. It was fun working with all of you!

We had awesome fun curating these two events along with InterContinental Chennai Mahabalipuram Resort, and look forward to more such associations, with both brands as well as influencers 🙂


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