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Because of the travel bug, I can stay put in a place only for a short while and all I think about all the time is where to go next, how to get there, when is the best time, etc. Narayanan, on the other hand, can stay in one place forever, but then he likes to indu he cannot live without massages and his passion to explore new restaurants. If you actually look at it, we all need those small breaks from time to time. These breaks needn’t always be a 10 day vacation. Some are those that you can reach after a short drive and chill over a relaxing massage and enjoy lunch or dinner.

A day at ICC

If you are looking for a quick relaxation followed by yummy food, if you are in Chennai or somewhere to close to this beach city, then this is the place for you. Take half a day at the minimum and head over to InterContinental Chennai to experience their culinary delights or just let your mind and body relax at their spa. If you have more time, look no further and stay here to enjoy the beach, the swimming pool, star gazing and what not.

Spa at InterContinental Chennai

Spa in InterContinental Chennai

For the kind of lifestyle that most of us lead, massages and spa therapies have become a part and parcel of our life. A combination of wellness and spa, Amrtam is the destination to head to, to forget those worries and let your body and mind relax. The Escenza Wellness Group run the operations here and every offering in their menu are curated to give you the luxurious experience.

The Layout

Spa in InterContinental Chennai

Once you enter the spa, you will be walking towards a place that will be nowhere close to what you will be expecting. Beautifully designed in white, this place transcends you to from the clouded world to bliss. If you get to explore the rooms inside the spa, you will definitely say WOW.

Spa in InterContinental Chennai

You will realize the true meaning of aesthetics as there is a calmness that will engulf you completely.

Staff and Service

The staff live up to what luxury spa defines. Warm and smiling faces, they explain in detail what every service is about and even help you decide on what they believe is the best treatment to take. The menu consists of various treatments for you to choose from.

The session starts with a health drink (we were offered guava and aloe vera) that helps the body maintain the energy and moisture. This was followed by another drink (we had watermelon and aloe vera) to ensure normal blood flow. Once every session is done with, they offer herb tea which soothes your mood further.

The spa at InterContinental Chennai starts from half an hour sessions to full-day packages. They have Thai, Ayurveda, Swedish therapies  – you name it, they have got it. We went as a family and ended up choosing different treatments. After going through the menu, my mother chose the 30-minute express foot reflexology, my father chose head and back massage, while Narayanan and I chose the Deep Tissue Massage.

All of us were absolutely happy after our respective sessions were done. My mom’s face had a glow the whole day and she couldn’t stop herself from repeating that she felt so light. The non-expressive dad of mine just slept off post the session like a cute baby.

Spa in InterContinental Chennai

Narayanan and I were offered the couple room and the treatment was exceptional. Right from the cleansing of the feet, to aromatic oils to breathe for positivity, we were so ready to get pampered. Narayanan claims I slept during the massage while he did not even realise he took a short nap too. We completed our massage therapy, followed by a 10-minute session in the steam room. We woke up feeling fresh and thanking our therapists for making us feel awesome!

Tip: Do take an appointment in advance. My sister wanted to relax her legs with a session of foot reflexology the next day but they couldn’t accommodate her due to their packed schedule.

Food at InterContinental Chennai

Honestly, I feel hungry already trying to imagine and relive our culinary experiences in InterContinental Chennai. This luxury resort has two restaurants

  • The Melting Pot
  • Tao of Peng.

Both these restaurants serve food thats’s completely different, which means you need to try both to make your pick. If you ask me, my pick is Tao of Peng. * STILL DROOLING *

The Melting Pot: Market Cafe

Food in InterContinental Chennai

This restaurant is open through the day, has indoor and outdoor seating and serves one of the best continental spreads in the city. Have you heard of the Sunday Brunch in InterContinental Chennai? If you haven’t, then I will urge you to try it soon at The Melting Pot.

Food in InterContinental Chennai

Timings: All day, every day. The Sunday Brunch starts at 1230 hrs.

Be it breakfast or the Sunday Brunch, the spread seems like a road trip from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. Nope, I am not talking about the cuisines but the varieties of food from one end to the other. There is so much food to choose from – Indian, Asian, European, American – you name it and it’s there. What’s more, it is all delicious.

Food in InterContinental Chennai

While the food is yummy, I would recommend you to keep some good amount of tummy space to choose from the desserts section, if you are heading for the Sunday Brunch at InterContinental Chennai.

Food in InterContinental Chennai

Now you know why I always start with the desserts and then move on to main course 😛

Tao of Peng

Food in InterContinental Chennai

Where do I start? This is something most of us would have never experienced. I am no expert in dissecting the food we eat, but I can promise that this is by far one of the best restaurants that has made me visually and tastefully fall in love. A place that can make me patiently wait for the final output and at the same go absolutely impatient wanting to dip my fingers and start sounding orgasmic. You need to go here to know what I mean.

Food in InterContinental Chennai

Timings: Weekends – Lunch and Dinner, Weekdays (Tuesday to Friday) – only Dinner, closed on Monday.

Food in InterContinental Chennai

Kudos to the team for starting a restaurant of such nature and introducing us to such delicacies.

Chaat and Chat By The Beach

Food in InterContinental Chennai

Feeling like a cup of chai and bhel puri by the beach? Worry not as InterContinental Chennai has figured those hunger pangs as well. Enjoy the sundowners, play that football and have a fun evening that you have always wanted.

A Romantic Dinner By The Beach

Yes, you read that right. You know what, I have always dreamt of having candlelight dinners in Maldives or Mauritius. This one is now off my bucket list as InterContinental Chennai gives you that experience. I must thank my stars that day as it looked like it was going rain but instead, this is what happened.

Dinner at InterContinental, Chennai

Called Dine by Design, this is something one should experience at least once. You have a personal waiter to take care of your food cravings while you and your partner can just get lost in the sounds of waves, the wind blowing your hair and the light of the moon shining right on your partner’s face. This was the constant song that was playing in my mind as it exactly sums up our experience. Can’t fight the moonlight by LeAnn Rimes.

“Under a lovers’ sky
Gonna be with you
And no one’s gonna be around
If you think that you won’t fall
Well just wait until
Til the sun goes down
Underneath the starlight, starlight
There’s a magical feeling, so right
It’ll steal your heart tonight”
Note: You Need to book in advance, and it depends on the weather.


Overall our food and spa experience at the InterContinental Chennai was good and we would definitely recommend you to try it.

Spa Rating: 4/5

Pros + Cons: Awesome service, great interiors but we did not like the smell of the towels. This was indeed taken into action and they ensured we left with happy faces.

Food Rating: 4/5

Pros + Cons: Amazing staff who know what they are cooking and serving, great service in ensuring you are stuffed with yummy food. Our food did come in late and the dessert when we dined by the beach could have been much better.

Have you been here? How was your experience? Do share in the comments below 🙂


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