Spiti – A Dream Trip With Transforming Travels


A travel experience that transformed my life, and I say this with a huge smile 🙂 After seven days of Spiti through Transforming Travels, I never knew I could get so poetic in my life and see things with more clarity and passion.

You don’t need a picturesque place to get absorbed and enveloped in beauty. And when they say there is some kind of magic in the mountains of Spiti –  do not take that statement too lightly. I have experienced it now – with arms wide open – and I tell to you that this statement is so true.

Postcard village in Spiti Valley


I experienced magic and got Spiti’ed 🙂

Gosh, all I wished for when I was in the Spiti Valleys was for time to stop. I could feel no sound but for my heartbeat, the air that I inhaled every time felt so fresh and rejuvenating, the cold breeze on my face felt like kisses I could never hide away from or say no to, the view that my eyes caught was so refreshing, making every second worth living and my heart and brain – for the first time – were so much in sync that they allowed me to fall in love with everything around me.

Spiti filled me with energy, an energy that I had missed for as long as I can remember, gave me the enthusiasm I had lacked or rather forgotten over a period of time and the life that I had always wanted to live – a life of pain and happiness and still be happy about it.

With Tanzing (my baby girl) and Nawang

The mountains in Spiti are like the people you come across. These mountains have different shades, are of different sizes, kept changing as I was traversing through landscapes, sometimes made me feel at home, sometimes got me scared and many times made me feel like the tiniest of particle in front of them. The roads were bumpy and rugged during most of the journey making me realise that with every step I move forward, beauty aka happiness lies in every corner. With the very limited time in the mountains, I could speak to myself with more clarity, was ready to see life in a different perspective and also understand the importance of every day.

Inside Tabo Monastery. WORD PORN!

Lived in hotels and in homes of locals (homestays in the truest sense of the word), played with the kids and ate with them, helped the women (very little) and made friends with the local people, was hard but used the dry toilet and understood the importance of what we shred as waste, shivered in the cold but the warmth from the Spitians was truly overwhelming.

One of the oldest monasteries in India

The age old practices and the monasteries in Spiti are something that you cannot miss. The monks chanting/walking around and the smaller monks playing in monasteries are sure to give you a different vibe altogether. The women who carries her kid at the back, the boy who takes the stones and wraps it in a Maggi packet and play catch-catch, the old lady making piping hot momos and butter chai, the men harvesting, the colorful flags that hang in every corner of the road/home and the blue clouds that hugs all of them is a memory that I cannot forget anytime soon.

Mountains in Spiti

As I experienced a few breathless moments, not sure if it was because of the height, the scenery, the cold breeze with the sun’s heat piercing through my face or the people with me at that point of time, life felt so easy and lite with no fear or anxiety facing tomorrow. Those few breathless moments calmed me down and brought about peace and a smile on my face. Even though the wind and sound of voices of the people around was trying to overpower my thoughts, the feeling of being among those huge snow-clad mountains, the flowing Spiti river, the colourful flags and the stones scripted with Om Mane Padme Hum, is a mere dream that you cannot hold on to for long.


The life we lead today is nowhere close to what you will experience in this valley. The life that I’ve always wanted waits in those valleys. The reason of existence gets more meaning when we breathe the air and the sleep on those mountains. Spiti – you are way too special for me!


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