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One of the lesser visited islands in Andaman, Neil Island is a place where one can truly shut themselves off from the outside world. This island offers three beautiful beaches – Bharatpur, Laxmanpur and Sitapur Beach. There is also a natural bridge formation that one can visit when in Neil Island. It’s a small destination which hardly stretches to about 5 km.

About our stay at Silver Sand Beach Resorts in Neil Island

Amongst all the resorts in Neil Island, the Silver Sand Beach Resort is a huge property nicely nestled in one of the corners of the island, this perhaps is one of the best resorts I have stayed in. Now don’t imagine something grandiose, but this is the kind of place I would love to stay. Simply put – a home away from home! The entire property has this “Pondicherry” yellow painted all over and that could also be one reason why I immediately fell in love 🙂

Silver Sand Beach Resort

Apart from running the Silver Sand Beach Resorts in Neil Island, the same group also manages an amazing property in Havelock (?) and a small boutique hotel in Port Blair called Hotel Sentinel.

The Hotel

Silver Sand Beach Resort

Silver Sand Beach Resorts in Neil Island is less than a five-minute drive from the jetty. If you are up to it, you can even walk from your ferry to this property. As you enter the resort, you will notice a huge boat that hangs opposite to the reception. Loved that sight (and I’m sure you will too!) and I couldn’t wait to see how they have designed the interiors of the rooms. Their staff are friendly, WiFi works only in the reception area, a small swimming pool, a huge area for kids to run around and the beach is at the end of the resort. Bonus, they serve tasty meals throughout the day.

The Rooms

Neil Island place to stay

When I entered the room, it made me feel WOW instantly. Small rooms yet beautifully designed. I felt cosy and immediately snuck into my bed to relax. The bed was absolutely comfortable and the bathroom was spacious. Outside of every room, there are chairs to laze around and dive into deep conversations, or just read a book!

Food & Drink

Again, a spacious dining set up which is very aesthetically done, be it a romantic dinner or an office conference, this restaurant will make sure you are happy, tummy and experience wise. The food was good and they do serve alcohol. I wonder how I forgot to take a picture 🙁

My bad!


You can rent scooter/cycle from here. They also have a small swimming pool where you can sit and talk stories all day long.

Silver Sand Beach Resort

Like I mentioned earlier, WiFi is available only in the reception area.

You could also walk to the beach and play Frisbee or simply lie down on the chair and listen to the sound of waves hitting the shore while the birds keep chirping (at least during the day). The water recedes as the day approaches so don’t be surprised if you find the waters closer to you the next morning.

Silver Sand Beach Resort
Left: Prev day afternoon / Right: Next day morning

We first went in the afternoon and the water was at quite a distance. The next morning was a completely different view altogether. Tides you know 🙂

More Information

Hotel: Silver Sand Beach Resort, Neil Island

Address: Neil Kendra, Andaman and Nicobar Islands 744104

Contact: +91 98100 05756 / 03192 244914/15/16

Price: $$$


I loved the room, the silence that this place offered and the hospitality in this resort. Extremely spacious and done up well. Would I go back? Absolutely!

Rating: 4.5/5 (Lack of any other activities inside the property like volleyball or indoor games etc) 

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