Day Three: Mount Sathram


With all the travel lately, I was unable to pen down about a beautiful place that I had been to a couple of months back – Mount Sathram. This is in continuation with the three-day travel in and around Thekkady. Read about our experience of Day One and Day Two in case you missed out.

Mount Sathram KeralaMount Sathram was THE best of all the places we visited while at Thekkady. It was the crème de la crème, top of Mount Everest or the icing on a cake sort of experience. It just left me wanting more!

After an awesome two days of staying in Thekkady and visiting its beautiful neighbours, the lull feeling had already set, as we were to head back to our mundane lives. Our friend Selvam had connected us with Jose who picked us up at 0500 AM from Club Mahindra in his jeep, for the last part of the trip, a drive to Mount Sathram.

The cold weather and open jeep travel after a hot Kattan Chai (Black Tea) was my kind of start to the day. Usually, the price we pay for these jeeps includes three different locations in Mount Sathram. Families prefer to visit the first two stops while not many jeeps go all the way to the third. The reason is simple – 1) the jeep guys don’t take them 2) some of them who have fear of heights do not wish to take the risk.

Obviously, we had nothing to do with the two points above ?

Wildlife Spotting

Mount Sathram Thekkady

Wild elephants, buffaloes, deer etc are some of the wildlife that can be spotted here. We were happy to spot a parade of elephants and the black dots that we could see far far away were buffaloes, apparently.

Mount Sathram

All said and done, the scenery here was beautiful. Do not miss the drive through lemongrass field.

Nature Unlimited

To get here, you need to be ready to experience off-roading. When I say off-roading, IT IS that. These jeep drivers are well-trained and experienced. To get to drive these jeeps, the tourism department gives them their license only after they know for sure that they can drive in these harsh terrains. Jose, our jeep guy made sure that we experienced the thrill of off-roading while making sure we were having fun, in the safest possible way.

Mount Sathram Thekkady

Once you reach the stop, it is snack time up in the mountains. Imagine this – cold winds, beautiful sunrise, and a vast green landscape. To go with this, you get hot chai (tea) and bajji (something close to fritters). I was so completely lost in my surroundings that the driver had to come twice to get me moving.


The best part is, our jeep driver (Shiju +91 9961768648) did not push us for want of time. I’d highly recommend him if you want to go here.

Ultimate serenity – Mount Sathram

After steep climbs and a really small road that can exactly fit a jeep with one side looking at nothing but great nose dive, I did hold on to my dear life while taking this picture.


Mount Sathram

After we reached the spot, the driver asked us to walk a little, which we did.  This beauty was unimaginable and totally unexpected! And since we were not ready for it, we embraced nature as much as we possibly could in the 25-30 mins that we spent there. We were almost ready to open a chai and bajji shop as an extension and live there forever 😀

Mount Sathram

Yes I was all EEEEEEE! There was no mankind as far as our eyes could see and we were the only three to have gone there that day. What a day – pin drop silence, birds chirping, the sound of wind whistling past us – we were in another universe!

Don’t miss this jeep trip. No other vehicle apart from jeeps can take you there and it is more than worth it! Check out the other things that you can do in Thekkady.


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  1. Hey, lovely account of your great trip.
    I was wondering whether it’s possible to walk/hike up this jeep road to the top?


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