Foreign tourists arriving in India with e-visas to get free pre-activated SIM cards

Free SIM card for tourists in India

This is excellent news for foreign tourists coming to India. Tourists who apply for an e-visa to India will now get pre-activated free SIM cards. This is a brilliant move since getting a new SIM card isn’t as easy as getting one in many other countries we’ve been to before. These SIM cards, launched in partnership … Read more

Promo Code Inside: Buy 1 Get 1 Free On All Lonely Planet Guides

Buy One Get One Lonely Planet

Update: This deal has expired. Lonely Planet is running a Buy 1 Get 1 free or a BOGO offer today, as a part of their Valentine’s Day celebrations on all Lonely Planet print and ebook titles. Simply head over to the Lonely Planet Shop and start shopping. Choose an even number of books to take advantage … Read more

Visiting The Angkor Wat Just Became More Expensive, By Almost Double

Angkor Wat Cambodia

Yes, you read that right. Visiting Cambodia’s celebrated Angkor Wat temples just got more expensive. The 12th-century temple complex, Angkor Wat draws more than two million tourists a year. Starting from the first of February this year, the price of the one day ticket for foreigners goes from $20 to $38 (90% increase in price), the … Read more

Update: Club Mahindra Responds

Problems with Club Mahindra Resorts

Update: We’ve reached the end of this long battle with Club Mahindra. They’ve refunded approximately 70% of the money, and given that others are still fighting with them for their monies, we agreed to settle for this. What a sense of relief! P.S: Our view towards Club Mahindra membership stands: the membership is just not worth it. … Read more

We Chose to Cancel Our Club Mahindra Membership. Here’s Why

Problems with Club Mahindra Resorts

Update: Club Mahindra responds. Earlier this year, in spite of a lot of negative reviews from both family and friends, we decided to go ahead and get a Club Mahindra membership. In Preethika’s words, that was her gift to me, since I prefer relaxed holidays while she likes to do a million things every day, and … Read more

Free Entry To 1,850+ Museums, Buildings, Gardens And Other Attractions This Weekend in UK

Tower Bridge of London

I wish I were in London right now 🙁 This is perhaps a little late, but better late than never. Stumbled upon this gem, which reminded me of our free entries to all the attractions in Athens during our trip to Greece last year. As a part of European Heritage Days, there are many places … Read more

Is this the beginning of Airline Wars in India Part 2?

There have been quite a few airline ticket sales in the last few months, with airlines trying out every trick in their sleeve to get a bigger market share, and to improve their respective brand loyalties. Jet Airways brought out their GetMore campaign and even gave out free business class upgrades on Twitter. SpiceJet introduced … Read more

Getting a Cambodian Visa, Especially for Indian Citizens

Cambodian evisa process

As you all might already know, Preethika and I went to Cambodia and Vietnam recently. We thoroughly enjoyed the trip, and some pics have already been shared by us on Instagram (follow Preethika and me if you aren’t already!), with more to come! A lot of people have already started enquiring on how to get … Read more

How to Choose a Good Travel Backpack

One of the things that makes or breaks your trip is a good backpack, and those who’ve traveled often will understand why. And to choose a good travel backpack is not as easy as one may think. Unwieldy suitcases, bad backpacks etc can lead to a lot of discomfort, and worse, leave you with a … Read more