We Chose to Cancel Our Club Mahindra Membership. Here’s Why


Update: Club Mahindra responds.

Earlier this year, in spite of a lot of negative reviews from both family and friends, we decided to go ahead and get a Club Mahindra membership. In Preethika’s words, that was her gift to me, since I prefer relaxed holidays while she likes to do a million things every day, and hence always on the move. The offer seemed enticing, the sales guy was very convincing, and so we took the plunge.

The problems started once the sale was over and we were ready to make use of the offers that we got along with the membership. Preethika and I decided to take a few days off to celebrate my birthday and our anniversary, which fall on 28th and 29th of May respectively. We picked Thekkady, from a list of Club Mahindra’s properties and tried reaching the sales executive to help us use the free stay offer.

Problem 1: After the sale, the sales executive started avoiding our calls for days

That was till we hammered him with calls and messages from multiple numbers. We assumed it was perhaps because he had other personal/work commitments and he was busy. In any case, after a week or so of chasing him, he got us our booking and we didn’t give it much thought. After all, everyone gets busy once in a while.

You may ask why we didn’t use their website/call centre for the booking. That was because he had told us during the sale that he will handhold us during the first year and that he will help us in getting rooms, even if it wasn’t available for our category of membership.

We made our travel arrangements, the date arrived, and we left, with our booking confirmations and free gift coupons in hand. Reached Thekkady early in the morning, checked in and went to the restaurant to have breakfast. That’s when we got our second shock.

Problem 2a: Food at Club Mahindra was much costlier than what we were promised the rates were during the sale process

During the Club Mahindra membership sale process, we were told that the food per person (all three meals included) at any Club Mahindra property will cost us ₹750. To our dismay, we found out that it costs around approximately ₹1600 per person (I can’t remember the exact figure), which is more than double of what we were planning to spend. Further, we also found out from the manager at the resort that the rates at Thekkady were amongst the lowest, and that other resorts like Coorg and Munnar were even more expensive.

We chose to have just the breakfast at Club Mahindra and decided to explore the city for lunch and dinner. Disaster struck again.

Problem 2b: The food just sucked

The spread included idli, dosa(live counter), parathas, some fresh fruits, and but for the fruits, everything else was bad. Did I just pay approximately ₹450 per person for this? Yes. Did I have a choice? No. We just ate what we could, paid up, gave our feedback in writing and left to explore the city. Obviously, we didn’t want this experience to hamper our stay, especially because that day was my birthday, and the next day was our anniversary.

Problem 2c: They tried making up for the food, it still sucked

On reading our note, the F&B manager offered us a complimentary dinner on the same night, which we politely declined. However, on his further insistence, we agreed to give their breakfast a try once again. Sadly, it was the same.

Luckily we chose Thekkady as the property. This is well within the city and therefore getting out and eating outside was no big a deal. To have chosen another Club Mahindra property in another city would have fumed us further spoiling the occasion that we were celebrating.

Problem 3: Swimming Pool? Yes. Attendants, No!

We used their pool twice, on two consecutive days. On the first day, we found cockroaches swimming along with us, and there was no Club Mahindra attendant or cleaner for a period of at least an hour to whom we could point this same out. We got out of the pool earlier than we would have liked. On the second day, we noticed someone cleaning the pool, and hence decided to jump in. Tried getting out, but there were no towels, and no one to ask/request for one.

BTW, have you heard of any hotel in which the swimming pool is unattended (no lifeguard)?

I have. At Club Mahindra Thekkady.

Problem 4: Amenities that they provided in the room (or didn’t?)

There were no water bottles in our room. Instead, they had placed a water jug which had been filled with water already. We had no clue if this was filled on that day or a few days before. Drinking purified water at a restaurant is one thing, but in the room, most of us prefer bottled water over anything when it comes to hotel rooms, and so did we. Also, a 32-inch TV in a really large room meant we couldn’t hear anything, let alone enjoy the viewing experience. Toiletries were provided only on request and were ones that you would find in low budget hotel rooms.

No, I’m not even joking, even though I wish I were.

Problem 5: We know we are at fault, and we care a damn

After a month or so of introspection, we decided to call it quits. Called and wrote to Club Mahindra to cancel the membership, along with a request to return a partial sum of the money paid, considering our terrible experience. One of their representatives visited our residence, agreed that our experience was disastrous, and also concurred that we have been told lies during the sale process. Not just that, he also said that he has heard many such complaints from other Club Mahindra customers about the same sales executive.

We were absolutely shocked to hear that.

Given the scenario, he requested for a few days time since he would have to involve the senior management, given the gravity of the situation. He left, and he disappeared after that. No response from Club Mahindra’s end until we decided to chase them again and all they had to say was that we continue with our subscription and that their service will be better, and that there is no way for them to help us. Apart from this, if they had to say something, it was to ask us to read through their terms and conditions, which basically says the money won’t be returned at any cost, even if they agree that the problem is theirs.

Of course, we knew what their T&C said but the same T&C didn’t speak about how we were going to be cheated at the end.

We had already blown over ₹60,000 on them, and we weren’t ready to lose any further. We called it quits.


Why pay so much for so little and especially when there are better options. We have stayed in many other properties where they make one feel and stick true to “Customer is King” statement.

Till date, we haven’t received a confirmation mail from their end on our cancellation request. Not sure how long we’ll have to wait for that.

I don’t think we could have been any more patient with Club Mahindra than we were during our discussions with them. Even though a lot of people spoke against them, we decided to go ahead with the membership, giving them the benefit of doubt. Realised what a grave mistake that turned out to be.

Here’s our take on Club Mahindra membership. Don’t buy it. EVER.


21 thoughts on “We Chose to Cancel Our Club Mahindra Membership. Here’s Why”

  1. Oh damn.. Have been to their property in ooty and if was nice (it is the dasaprakash property they have taken over).. Went with friends who are CM members and been using them for almost all their holidays. Their kids say Coorg is by far the best property and had amazing food as well. Not sure what kind of membership they have..

    • We have stayed in one of the Coorg property – Madikeri if I am not wrong. Loved it. That was one more reason why we bought the membership as the properties were all good. The point we are making here is not about the property but about they sales person, their customer relationship manager or whatever the designation could be and the feeling that they give the customer. They were of no help even though they knew we had faced issues. For us, who travel quite a bit, for the money we spent – this is an absolute rip off.

      • Yes I did get that from your post & don’t understand why they aren’t doing anything about rectifying the issue.. but as mentioned these friends have been members for years [again not sure what kind of membership] but have had no issues till date..

        • I’m happy that they don’t have any issues as no one will want to lose their hard earned money in this manner…however there are exceptions in every case 😉

          • club mohindra.not provide best service and facility to customer so I also leave club mohindra membership permanent without any doubt Thankyou Surendra Kumar,Dehradun

  2. I have been to club mahindra tekkdy and totally agree on every single complaint a d observations made for cost and quality of food, amenities and room service. All pathetic

  3. Seems like it was a disastrous experience for you. I feel things went awful starting from the sales person. I’ve been a member since past 1 year and here is my experience:
    1. I took the membership (White studio)directly from one of the resorts (resorts do have the sales team), which saved me some costs (Marketing overheads). All deals were given to me in black & white on the application form itself. The sales person was not just upfront and genuine but responded every time when I called & till date goes extra mile to help me.
    2. I got all of my free nights used. These free nights can be used anywhere across their resorts in any season and does not matter if you are booking a 2 BHK/ 1 BHK/ Studio. I made use of the 1 BHK’s for additional space & feel. Their studio is not small either.
    3. I got my cash back which was promised after specific EMI period.
    4. I was duly educated by the sales rep (before signup) & welcome call on the seasons and how it works – The welcome kit has this info too.
    5. Not all their resort is a gold crown and we can’t expect the same quality everywhere. Something they need to fix. But, I’ve visited 3 of their properties and have been more than happy – Pondicherry, both properties in Kodaikanal. Pondy is top notch to say the least. Before I make a booking to any property, I’ll check things offline about the resort – It’s always good to make some friends within the resort to give you the absolute facts.
    I was in a way disappointed with one of the Kodai properties (Le Poshe), where the covered restaurant can accommodate 15 guests at a time whilst their semi covered one can accommodate a 100 – Happened to have dinner all covered on a chill night.
    6. Yes, not all resorts can give a happy meal. I do their 2 meal package once per stay (to use my free vouchers) which costs about 1K person. Remaining meals, I either venture out or have it delivered from a restaurant of my choice – Remember: There is one or the other good restaurant near any CM property where’s I stayed thus far and they understand the plights of a CM member ;).
    7. The properties are 3* categories and pricing is done in such form which does not really justify the spread. This is something which I’ve shared feedback on.
    8. Out of the properties visited, pool was available only in Pondy, which was well maintained and a strict nylon only dress code. The by the pool bar is well received by a lot who really do not mind the high price.
    9. The hospitality is something which I’ve seen excellent in both their owned properties. I get a person in less than 5 minutes – be it 1 PM or 1AM.
    10. Personally, my mom was so against this move of mine, I even considered to cancel the membership within that 50 days grace period due to her continued insisting. However, after one vacation she felt the real what I had marketed with her and she now feels it’s a costly but wise decision to have a holiday together and I gave up my plans of cancellation ever.

    Few cents from my side:
    1. Always get the deals & offers in black and white
    2. Insist a trial vacation before signup – They can do it – Will take about few weeks for them (Membership benefits do not apply). They gave 2N/3D for me.
    3. Build rapport and make friends for the extramile.
    4. If you don’t see things what you wish at the resort – Ask for it or escalate to a manager.
    5. Be aware of the season and package you choose for. Fix your mind and do it.
    6. Choose your membership room quantity wisely. Annual Maintainance fees is a bomb for 2 BHK and quite less for a studio. You may book 2 studio rooms when you holiday if you plan for a 2BHK membership.

    • Thanks a lot for this. We did experience some of what you have mentioned – Like points no: 4&9. The employees at Thekkady resort were the only saving grace for us. Somehow, we are just not able to get past the lie and horrible customer service post raising the cancellation.

      • Fill up an online complaint/ call complaint thro the consumer forum by the govt. I’ve got some magic using this the right way. I followed . Pity that it was not a good marketing guy.
        I showed this post to one of my friends there and he agrees that there are scamsters out there but a very few, which is enough to spoil the brand name.

  4. I feel you should consider going to consumer court instead of waiting for “them” to respond to your cancellation request. The process is quite simple and they will come your way for a settlement once the case is filed.

    • I really don’t think I am ready to spend even a penny more than what I have already! We are still thinking on those lines though!

  5. I do agree that their price for food is on higher side. I have been member since 2007 and visited many of their properties. Their own properties are nice and spread out. But associate properties lack in facilities and openness. The properties l liked the most are Ashtamudi, Cherai, Munnar, Coorg, Varca, Kumbhalghar, Jodhpur, Jim corbet, Binsar, kandaghar etc. among the properties visited. I have made use of the facility well. I own a white studio membership and since we can take vacation any time of the year it doesn’t pinch us as we can plan it according to availability. Sine only two are travelling most of the time by opting for a hotel unit increases the number of nights also. combining this with their off season offers can maximize the usage. Over a period of time their food prices are going high and high. some times we avail their buffet also and found that the spread is good with a sufficient variety combined with local delicacies. However most of the time we avoid buffet just because it make you to eat more and end up having health issues. One major negative aspect I have observed is for the people with small kids. They will never be able to use their entitlement if they own a season less than red as always school holidays fall in their peak season and demand is more and white and blue season members cannot avail holidays during this season. But for retired people with no time or season restriction this will work fine. Since the room nights available if not used get lapsed after three years make you to pack and get out of the house. One more negative point is their increasing AMF which may be a burden especially when you consider the initial investment and ever increasing AMF, Market is flooded with availability at a lower price without any restrictions. Consider all the pros and cons and personal requirements before taking a plunge. Once you are in either make use of it to the fullest or burn the fingers and repent.

  6. I have Club Mahindra membership for last 6 year or more, resorts are good, but after some time it becomes monotonous. and the most most most worst part is you dont get bookings for the day you want. my 12 days of holiday are lapsed and still land up paying maintains charges which escalate every year.

  7. Narayanan. I agree completely with you. I am a white studio member of Club Mahindra for 5 years but only one time I stayed in their property. If you calculate the interest of what we are paying initially and additional money as annual fees, it is more than any 5 star hotel. We may never get holidays in preferred places and if we get it by chance, they extract money for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The cost of food itself is equal to the cost of food and accommodation. It seems that the give most of their rooms to non-members and if any vacant rooms are there, they give to stupid members. Amjath.

  8. I want to cancel my membership,,,please tell me what is the procedure….the club mahindra is not helping me …even they are not responding…


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