A day at Trivandrum, Kerala

Thiruvananthapuram aka Trivandrum is the capital of Kerala. Did not have much time to go around the city when I was there early this year but being the traveller that I am, couldn’t afford to miss these two.

Place One: Padmanabha Swamy Temple.

This has always been a MUST VISIT temple in my list. Three reasons –
1. The liking I have for temples, being a believer of God
2. Interest in sculptures
3. Most important (in this case) is the amount of wealth this temple amasses and the stories that swirl around it.


It is called the richest Hindu temple in the world. A Vishnu temple where the God is in the Anantha Sayanam pose – the deity sleeping on the serpent Adisheshan. You can read more about the temple and its history here.

This is the sacred tank outside the temple. Please click here to know more about the customs one need to follow before planning a visit.

Note: Wearing a dhoti is compulsory for both genders. One can buy them outside the temple premises right next to the place where you deposit your luggage/bags/mobile phones etc.

Place Two: Veli Tourist Village 

Let me tell you that Kerala never ceases to surprise me. The beauty that this city offers is something you need to experience by being there. Veli is a lake that meets the Arabian Sea and the Kerala Tourism Board has maintained it beautifully, thus making it a MUST VISIT location.

I am going to let the photos do the talking as the weather and the location the day I was there was just PERFECT!


You pay a nominal fee to enter this place.


There is a small resto called the Floating Cafe (aptly named) and that was one of the best places to sit and sip a nice hot tea, especially since it was drizzling.


It was nice to see three different, distinct colours of the sea that day. It was windy, ready to pour anytime and the waves were so loud that it sent some shivers down my spine. Nevertheless, I spent some good quality time all by myself.


How to reach: This place is less than 5 Kms away from the airport and under 10 kms from the railway station.

They have boat rides, lots of games to play, food counters, cafe, horse riding etc making it a great place for any age group.

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