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A couple of years ago, during our trip to Cambodia and Vietnam, we had a little bit of an adventure right at the start. We were flying Air India Express from Chennai to Kuala Lumpur and Air Asia from Kuala Lumpur to Siem Reap. This means that we land at KLIA terminal and shift from KLIA to KLIA2 which is the low-cost terminal from which Air Asia operates and then take our next flight from there. Preethika and I assumed that since we were just “transiting”, we wouldn’t require a Malaysian Visa. That was our big fat wrong assumption.

Long story short, the Malaysian immigration authorities gave us two choices:

  1. I can pass through immigration since I had a valid US visa, but since Preethika didn’t hold one, she’d have to buy a ticket on a full-service airline which flies from KLIA to Siem Reap.
  2. Go back to India

All this was taking place at around 2 AM local time and came as a huge shocker to us. We tried talking to the immigration officers for a long while, and finally, after speaking to 3 or 4 officers, they were kind enough to stamp her passport with a transit visa for 6 hours, as an exception. We just got lucky.

Now, if we were caught unawares, I’m sure there are many like us around who have similar questions as well, especially since Air Asia has these amazing fares and forces you to fly via Kuala Lumpur. I do hope this post serves as a primer for those having doubts/questions regarding the Malaysian visa process for Indian citizens.

1. Do Indians require a visa to visit Malaysia?

Yes, Indians do require a Malaysian Visa to enter Malaysia, whether it is for tourism or business.

2. What are the various ways in which I can get Malaysian Visa for Indian citizens?

We presume you are talking about a Malaysian Visa for tourism purposes. The Malaysian tourist visa is also called as Visa without Reference (VTR).

As an Indian, these are the following ways in which you can get a Malaysian Visa (VTR):

  1. eVisa: This is the easiest way to get one. The Malaysian eVisa processing time is 48 hours and once you receive it, all you have to do is take a printout on an A4 sized paper and get going. Apply for Malaysian eVisa.
  2. Apply via VFS: A standard procedure which involves submitting your passport and submitting appropriate documentation.
  3. eNTRI: That stands for Electronic Travel Registration & Information. eNTRI is an online registration facility provided by the Government of Malaysia to facilitate the entrance of Indian Nationals into Malaysia under the Visa Waiver Programme. An eNTRI Note will be issued as proof of the registration and it is required to be presented upon arrival in Malaysia. This is currently valid until March 31, 2018.

3. How much does a Malaysian Visa cost?

The below table should help you understand the costs and validity better.

Malaysian Visa Fees for Indian Citizens

S. No.Malaysian Visa TypeValidityCost
1Malaysian eVisa15 days | Multi EntryeVISA fee = Free, Processing fee = USD 21.50
2Malaysian eVisa30 days | Multi EntryeVISA fee = INR 1,100.00, Processing fee = USD 25.00
3eNTRI Tourism15 days | Single Entry | Visa Validity: Travel within 3 monthsProcessing Fee: USD 21.50
4Malaysian Visa via VFSAs neededVisa Fee = INR 1000, OSC Charges = INR 4720, VFS Service Charge = INR 500

4. What is this Malaysian Transit Visa? Is it applicable to me?

The Malaysian Transit Visa is called “Transit Without Visa” or TWOV. This facility is available to the visitors from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh. Myanmar, Bhutan and Nepal who wish to travel in transit through Kuala Lumpur Airport in order to proceed to some other specified country of destination. The TWOV allows a visitor to stay in Malaysia up to 5 days without a visa.

It is, however, subject to a few terms and conditions. Mentioning a few key points below.

  1. To take advantage of the Malaysian Transit Without Visa facility or TWOV, visitors from the Indian Subcontinent must have a long-term valid visa for any of these countries: USA, Japan, Taiwan, Australia, China, South Korea, New Zealand.
  2. The TWOV facility is available for up to 120 hours (5 days). In simple words, this means that the applicant must have confirmed onward tickets to a third destination country as mentioned above within 5 days of arrival in Malaysia.
  3. TWOV facility is available only at Kuala Lumpur International Airport and Low Cost Carrier Terminal of Kuala Lumpur Airport. Your departure within 120 hours must also be from Kuala Lumpur International Airport or Low Cost Carrier Terminal of Kuala Lumpur Airport (Entry and Exit should be from the same Terminal).
  4. TWOV is available only for passengers of Malaysian Airlines and Air Asia.
  5. The TWOV is non-extendable.
  6. If transit is more than 8 hours, you are permitted to leave the transit area provided:
    1. You are travelling to or returning from the country which has issued the visa, and
    2. You are travelling on a tour/package arranged by a company registered in the third country.

5. I would be going to Bali from Chennai and flying Air Asia, so my transit is through KLIA2 both ways. Would I need a Malaysian Transit Visa?

If each way is a single PNR, or your whole trip is under a single PNR (which means the baggage that you check-in will be collected directly in Bali), then you wouldn’t require a Malaysian Transit Visa or a Malaysian Visa for that matter.

However, let’s assume that you have separate tickets (and hence separate PNRs) for Chennai – Kuala Lumpur and Kuala Lumpur – Bali legs for eg., AND if you have check-in baggage which has to be manually collected and checked in again, then you require a Malaysian Visa of some sort. That is because you will be crossing immigration counters in Kuala Lumpur to collect your baggage and that technically is entering into Malaysia.

Do you have any other questions regarding the Malaysian Visa for Indians? Feel free to ask us in the comments and we’ll try and help you as much as we can.


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  1. I have travelled many times to Kuala Lumpur and also transited many times in KLIA2, all these times I use to buy 1 year multiple entry Malaysia visa, now my question is I’m traveling from Bengaluru to Kuala Lumpur then to Laos, Laos to Kuala Lumpur then to Cambodia, Thailand to Kuala Lumpur then to Bengaluru, total 3 transits in KLIA2, all AirAsia separate tickets / PNR, I don’t have checked in baggage only carry cabin baggage, Indian Passport holder with 10 year USA B2 visa, can I transit without Malaysia Visa? I checked with AirAsia they asked me to check with Malaysia immigration, I’m unable to contact them, Please suggest me

      • Thanks Narayanan Hariharan, my worry is will AirAsia allow me to board without any of Malaysia Visa even though I have onward AirAsia flight from same KLIA2 without checked in baggage? I wrote to AirAsia many times with this question, but they asked me to check with Malaysia Immigration but I don’t know how and where to contact them, you know my requirement, I’m transiting 3 times in KLIA2 for few hours without checked in baggage, as informed I have 10 year (9 year balance) USA B2 Visitor visa transiting Chennai-KLIA2-Laos (via Bangkok DMK), Laos-KLIA2-Cambodia, Thailand-KLIA2-Bengaluru, all by AirAsia with all each sector separate PNRs, I’m fully confused, please suggest me Narayanan, with best regards, Vijay

        • You require a Malaysian visa if and only if you are crossing immigration. You will have to cross immigration in Malaysia for two reasons:
          1. To change terminal
          2. To collect check-in baggage

          As long as you don’t have to do either, you shouldn’t have any trouble.

  2. I am an Indian citizen holding an Indian passport. I will be travelling from cochin to Sydney, Australia by Air Asia. I have a 6hour layover in Kuala Lumpur. Do I require a transit visa? Also, I was told by my agent that there is no transit visa for Malaysia as they have stopped it and so I will have to get a tourist visa for 2 days for the layover. Is this true? I don’t believe so.

    • Are you flying on a single PNR or are they two different tickets? Would you be carrying check-in luggage or not? You haven’t given me sufficient information to respond accordingly.

      • Hi sir,

        I am visiting kuala lumpur, malaysia through a direct flight from new Delhi, India. I will stay in kuala lumpur for 3 days. Then i will reach bali, indonesia directly from kuala lumpur. My stay in bali is of 5 days. Finally, i will return from Bali to India via kuala lumpur. My pnr of return flight bali to kuala lumpur and kuala lumpur to india will be same. Halt in malaysia will be of 2 hours. I have no check-in baggage and my airline is airasia both way which opeartes at klia2 in malaysia. Can i get eNTRI visa for malaysia.?

  3. Hi
    thank you for this elaborated post..this is the exact information I was struggling to get. I am flying to Cambodia via KL. Mumbai to KL by Malindo Air and KL to Siem Reap by AirAsia. i.e. i have 2 PNRs and have to check in and check out.
    My Questions as below:

    1) Which visa to apply? Is there anything like a Transit visa? (I don’t meet the criteria of Transit w/o visa). I tried applying for multiple visa on evisa website but it also asks for hotel accommodation and address in Malaysia – how do I fulfill that? I don’t plan to stay in Malaysia.

    2) If visa is easy is transitioning from KLIA to KLIA2?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Hey Garima,

      Find out from either your ticket or from Malindo Air if they land in KLIA1 or 2. If it is the latter, and you will have check-in luggage, then you have to get a Malaysian visa for yourself. If it is the former, whether or not you have check-in luggage, you will still have to apply for a Malaysian visa. For the sake of the e-visa, do book a refundable hotel from one of the OTAs which you can cancel once you get your evisa.

      If your visa is sorted, then moving from KLIA1 to KLIA2 is easy. You take the metro which is super convenient.

  4. Hi..
    I will be travelling to kuala lumpur from chennai for two days and then will leave for singapore for 5 days.. will be back to india from singapore.
    Can i apply for the 15 day e visa for kuala lumpur on my own and get my sinapore visa sorted through the registered agents?
    Also, it would be great if you could with the cost of Kuala lumpur visa.

  5. Hello,
    Firstly thanks for the great information.

    My route is from Vietnam to India Via Kuala lumpur.
    Vietnam to KUL – Malindo Air
    Kul to India – Air Asia

    Both the airlines are operating from same terminal and i dont have long-term valid visa for any of these countries: USA, Japan, Taiwan, Australia, China, South Korea, New Zealand.

    Am i still eligible for TWOV ? Kindly advise me how can i progress further in this case.
    Thanks in advance.

    Satish M

    • Nope. You won’t be eligible for TWOV. Would you have check-in baggage? If yes, you will have to get a Malaysian visa.

      • Thanks for your response.
        If i dont have check-in baggage with me, can i get connecting flight i.e Air Asia boarding pass without crossing immigration gates ?
        I am not sure about Airline counters availability information.

  6. Hello Narayan,

    I’m flying with Malindo Airlines from DEL-KUL-DPS with a layover of 11 hours in KUL in a single PNR booked on Malindo website. Due to my long stopover, i am thinking to roam around the city, checked many websites but unable to find any reference of Transit visa provided my Malaysian immigration.
    I believe i have to apply for normal Tourist E-visa for 30 days before traveling, please advise if my understanding is correct.

    Thanks in Advance for replying.

    Nitin Daksh

    • Hi Nitin, yes, your understanding is correct. You have to apply for a normal tourist e-visa to enter into Kuala Lampur.

      Quick question: Do you have a valid US/UK/Schengen/Australian/NZ Visa? If yes, then you can get a transit visa stamped at the airport for free and that works as well.

  7. Hello…. I am Indian citizen and I have Chinese student visa. I am traveling from Shenzhen (China) to Kolkata via kualalumpur in connecting flight is different airline (Malindo) so which type of Visa is required?

  8. Hello, I am travelling from India top Bali on single PNR AA flight 18 hrs layover, do not wish to out of airport and returning from Bali from AA in two different PNR with check in baggage layover at Kuala Lumpur do i need Malaysian visa , if i want to stay back at airport
    Many thanks in advance

    • Yours is a very unique problem Ranjana, and while most people will face just one of the issues, I’ll split the problem here.

      Q1: Onwards, same PNR but you have an 18-hour layover, so is visa required.
      A1: Yes. Visa is required if you are spending more than 8 hours in Malaysia during the layover, even if you aren’t entering the country.

      Q2: On the return, there are two separate PNRS, so is a visa required.
      A2: Definitely yes, you require a visa since you will have to go to the “land” side to collect your luggage before checking in to the next flight. Even if you don’t have luggage, you will still have to clear immigration for which visa is necessary.

      Bottom line: I recommend you apply for a multi-entry visa since you will be on paper entering twice even if you aren’t leaving the airport.

  9. Hi Narayan, fantastic post by the way! Need advice on my situation. I will flying from the Philippines to India with 8 Hr 15 min transit time at KL. Am I eligible for the TWOV?
    I have a valid US visa and Indian Passport. I also have a long term work visa for Philippines. Any help would be appreciated!

      • Yes! and a quick lunch , don’t think will have much time for anything else though I do want to go the ecopark/forest. How much time will it take to get out of the airport with all the TWOV formalities?

  10. Hello Sir,
    Thanks for the info.I have an Indian passport and a stamped US Visa, I am traveling from New Delhi to USA next month and have a layover of 3hrs 30 mins in KL. I am flying through Air Asia, its Indigo from Delhi and Philippine airlines for US .I need a transit visa since the terminals are different but can I get it at the airport during custom clearance or do i need to apply beforehand? Also , how long will it take to collect baggage, clear customs and check in again. Is 3 hours enough for all this process?

    • Hey Nidhi, 3 hours and 30 minutes are just enough given that you have to get your transit visa (even if you apply in advance it is still going to take the same amount of time). The moment you get off the Indigo flight, please head to immigration asap.

      You won’t be able to apply for transit visa in advance, you will have to do that at Kuala Lumpur immigration and once you do that, go collect your baggage and shift terminals (you have to take the metro to change terminals).

  11. Hi sir,
    Me and my friend are travelling from Bangalore to Bali via kL. we both have Indian passport. we will be carrying only cabin bags. From Bangalore to KL it’s indigo airlines and from KL to Bali it’s Malindo. Arrival and departure are from KLIA 2 and KLIA 1 respectively. There is a layover of 8hrs.
    we don’t have long term visa of any of the twov applicable countries. Our airline said visa is required. But my friends who have travelled to bali through different terminals din’t require visa is what they said. we are not sure what type of visa has to be applied. since 16th april is the travel date, we are not sure if we have enough time to get our visa. And also, it would be helpful if you could post the link where i can apply for visa.

    Thank You in advance

    • Hey Thrupti,
      You are flying via two different airlines which don’t have a codeshare. You also have to shift terminals which means you have to cross immigration and “get into Malaysia”, so a visa is a must. You may have noticed that we escaped without one, but I’m not sure how lucky everyone would be, so I’d advise that you get your visa before you go.

      WRT time, you have a lot of time to get your e-visa. Here’s the link:

    • Yes, the e-visa will suffice, but do keep in mind that you will have to be back at the airport 3 hours before the next flight, so you effectively have about 4 hours in between.

  12. Hello sir.
    I am flying to Bali from kolkata via Kuala Lumpur(12 hrs layover). I will be flying with Airasia(same PNR). As my stay is more than 12 hrs, I guess I need a visa even to stay at the airport.
    Now my question is, if I bought a separate ticket (Kuala Lumpur-Bali as tickets are cheap) from the same terminal, which is within 8 hrs of my landing at Kuala Lumpur, do I Still need a visa? I will be travelling with just hand baggage (no check in baggage).
    If I can do the above mentioned trip without visa, how am I suppose to get the boarding pass for the Kuala-bali leg?

    • You do not require a transit visa as long as you don’t intend to leave the airport and go to the land-side (assuming same PNR).

      If you’ve bought tickets individually (different PNRs) without any check-in luggage, and if the flights are from the same terminal, then you wouldn’t require a visa.

  13. Hi,

    I am travelling to bali from bangalore in airasia and have 15hrs transit time in kuala lampur. Booked in same PNR, same airline. Do i need to get transit visa or normal visa to visit kuala lampur in that 15hrs ? And how to apply for the same.

    Thanks in advance!

  14. Hi Narayana,

    Good Day!

    I am travelling from Bangalore to Bali on Malaysian Airlines via Kuala Lampur and return on same airlines to Bangalore. My Onward and Return journey have 1 PNR throughout and layover not more that 2.5 hrs @ Kuala Lampur. Do I need transit visa for Kuala Lampur ?

    Thanks in advance!

  15. Dear Narayanan,

    Small query. I am booking a return flight to Phuket via KUL from Delhi in Malaysian airlines.

    While going we have 3 hours layover but we are not planning to go out and while returning we have 23 hours layover for which we are planning to explore KUL. Do we need Evisa or Transit Visa will suffice.

    I am valid B1 Visa holder for US but wife is not. Look forward for your help.

    • Hi Avtar, as long as the Malaysian visa for Indians is concerned, one has only two choices currently – the eNTRI and the eVisa (if you don’t have a valid US visa). Your wife can apply for either to step out during your return leg (and that can be done online).

      You, on the other hand, are eligible for the transit visa, thanks to your valid US B1/B2 visa, which you can apply at the airport (and that’s free).

  16. Hi, i am traveling to Singapore from Kolkata and having layover for around 4 hours at KUL. Again while returning same 4 hours layover. I am having same PNR tickets from MALINDO air. Do i need transit visa for Malaysia. Kindly help.

    • To remain at the airport, you wouldn’t require a transit visa (assuming same PNR).

      I presume you aren’t planning to step out of the airport.

  17. I am going to singapore from kolkata.i have a layover of around 4 hours at kuala lumpur.I am travelling with air asia.My kolkata – kuala lumpur as well as kuala lumpur- singapore flights have been booked under a single pnr.Do i need a separate malaysian visa for the 4 hour transit?

    • Hi Anirban, if I understand your question right, all the 4 legs of your journey are under the same PNR, correct? If that’s the case, you do not require a Malaysian visa for this journey.

  18. I am coming back to India from Indonesia via kuala lumpur with different flight Indonesia to kuala lumpur is air asia 14:00 hours n kuala lumpur to India is indigo at 00:30 did I need visa or I can apply for transit pass?

    • There is no such thing called Transit Pass. If you have a valid US, UK, AUS, NZ, Schengen or a Japanese visa, then you can avail the Transit Visa. Else, you will have to apply for a regular Malaysian visa before you go.

  19. Hi I am travelling from Tokyo to Bali via Kuala Lumpur with a transit time of 12 hours in two different pnr of air Asia. My return travel also by same route and I want to stay at Kuala Lumpur for two days. I have valid Japanese visa and residence card. I may get Transit without visa on return. how to manage onward journey

    • You will have to apply for a multiple entry Malaysian visa if you want to use the visa for both your entries. Else, you will still require a single entry visa for the second leg.

  20. I’m planning to go to Bali via Malaysia. So I will be booking air tickets to Kuala Lumpur….stay there for 4 days…n then take a flight from KL to Bali. On the way back I will be taking flight from Bali to India via KL with a short layover during which I don’t intend to leave the airport. Which visa should I be applying for… eNTRI visa or evisa? Also should all 4 air tickets be booked for the same airline?
    PS I don’t have visa of US, Australia etc.

    • I presume you are an Indian citizen travelling to Malaysia and Bali.

      The key point here is are all your flights on a single PNR? If yes, then you can apply either for eNTRI or an eVisa. If no, then you will have to apply for a multiple entry evisa.

      • Yes I’m an Indian citizen…forgot to mention. I haven’t booked my tickets yet. But they may not be with the same airline in which case I guess a multiple entry e visa seems most suitable for me. Thanks for the info.

  21. Good evening Sir, I’m planning to visit Palembang from delhi with transit at Kualampur of approx. 8 hours and vice versa. My queries are as mentioned below.

    1.Which visa I should apply and when?

    2.I have a friend in Palembang. But in visa form it is mentioned to upload hotel booking documents.

    3.Do I need to carry both countries currency?

    4. The flights are of different carrier.

    • Hi Vishal, since your flights are off different carriers you will have to apply for a multi-entry Malaysian visa. You can do that online (evisa). For Palembang, that would be a visa on arrival, which is free for Indian citizens.

      Please make a refundable hotel booking in KL for visa purposes, and don’t forget to cancel it once the visa is through.

      As far as currency goes, please carry USD with you. That will work everywhere, and you can convert there if required.

  22. Hi sir,

    My flight is from Chennai to KL some 4 hrs layover and KL to Bali
    Same return Bali to KL 6 hrs layover KL to Chennai

    Both Air Asia flights.. will i be needing any transit visa ?

    • Hi Aarthy,

      I presume you are an Indian citizen travelling to Bali.

      Are all your flights on a single PNR? If yes, then you do not require a Malaysian visa. If no, then you require a multiple entry Malaysian visa.

  23. Hello Sir, continuation to my post of 13th Aug…I have finally booked my tickets. I will take a flight from India to KL by Air Asia, spend 5 days in KL and then take a flight from KL to Bali (Air Asia again). I will spend one week in Bali. The return flight is from Bali to New Delhi…with a layover of 3.5 hrs at KL…both flights are by Malindo Air with the same PNR.
    Now my question is…will a Malaysian eNTRi visa be enough for me?

  24. hello sir,i am planning to book ticket to vietnaam from mumbai with layover at malaysia less than 12 hour flight coming to klia and leaving from klia m to vietnaam , same airline dont know about pnr wether is same or different and i am carrying only cabin luggage no checkin luggage do i require visa for malaysia

  25. Hii. Am travelling from Siem Reap to Kochi via Kuala Lumpur. Have a 9 hour layover. In case I need to go out of the airport, what are the options regarding visa ? PNR is same. Hence will get the luggage at Kochi.
    In case I want to spend time at the airport , what activities can be done??

    • Hi Jessy, since you haven’t mentioned which airline you are taking, I wouldn’t know which terminal you will be landing in KL in(KLIA 1 or KLIA 2). KLIA 1 is a much bigger terminal with a lot of shops, while KLIA 2, which is a low-cost terminal, is what it is, low cost.

      If you want to go out into the city, you will require a visa (transit visa will suffice if you qualify for one, the post will tell you that, else apply for evisa online).

  26. Hi, I am an Indian citizen travelling to Australia and will be transiting through KL on the return leg. Return leg will be Air Asia from Sydney to KL and Indigo from KL to Chennai, different PNR and will need to collect check-in luggage. Given that I will have a valid Australia visa (although on the return leg), will I be eligible for TWOV? Thanks!

  27. Hi Narayanan I am Indian citizen travelling DEL to DEP via KUL. We have Transit in Kuala Lumpur: 14 hours 40 minutes. Same when we come back form DEP to DEL via KUL we have Transit in Kuala Lumpur: 17 hours 55 minutes. We have 7 kg cabin bags only. Should we need visa or any charges to pay in KUL . We stay in dps 6 night.

    • What’s DEP? That doesn’t seem like an airport code that I don’t recognize. 14 hours and 18 hours appear quite long. It would be best for you to get in touch with the Malaysian embassy in writing and ask for this information.

      • Sorry 🙁 i m bad.. it’s DPS.. travelling DEL to DPS via KUL. We have Transit in Kuala Lumpur: 14 hours 40 minutes. Same when we come back form DPS to DEL via KUL we have Transit in Kuala Lumpur: 17 hours 55 minutes. We have 7 kg cabin bags only. Should we need visa or any charges to pay in KUL airport when we go or wait to next for DPS. We will stay in DPS 6 nights.

  28. Hi, I am Indian citizen and I have a valid Australian WorkVisa + US visitor visa. I am travelling from Bengaluru to Sydney via Kaulalumpur on AirAsia with same PNR. Only dificulty due to last moment flight timing change from AirAsia , I have a layover time of almost 16 hrs in KUL. Do i need a transit visa to stay in airport or change the terminals/gates at KUL ? Please advise.

    • Hey Srikanth, The best thing for you to do would be to write to the Malaysian embassy here in India and ask for clarification, especially since your layover is 16 hours.

      The safe thing to do would be to get a transit visa (which is free for you anyway). That also gives you time to step out and explore the city if you so choose.

  29. Hi,
    I am an Indian Passport Holder, I will be travelling to Singapore will stay for 4 days than I will be moving to Bali.
    1. Do I need Visa to enter bali?
    I will be staying in Bali for a week and my return flight is Bali-Kualalumpur-Bangalore.
    In Kualalumpur there is layover of 5 hours and I have a checkin Baggage, but the tickets have same PNR Number Malindo Airways.
    1. Di I need Malaysian Visa?

    • Hi Chandan. Yes, you need a visa to enter Bali. Visa on arrival is free for Indian citizens at present.

      If you are flying by Malindo under the same PNR, you do not require a Malaysian visa.

  30. Hi Narayan, I will be travelling to Bali from Delhi. My one way flight is Del-KualaLumpur-Bali (with Malindo Airways having same PNR) and returning flight Bali-KualaLumpur-Delhi is with Air Asia X having same PNR. I will have a check-in baggage and my layover is less than 4 hours each way. I believe I won’t need a transit visa. Just wanted to confirm with you.

  31. Hi
    I am a Indian citizen having Indian passport. I will be traveling to Bali from India for a business trip of one week. From Bali I will be traveling to Kuala Lumpur again for a business trip of one week. What type of visa should I apply for entering Kuala Lumpur?

  32. Hi Thanks for such a informative article. I have a question that I am travelling to delhi to phuket via Kualalumpur (Malasiya) by Air Asia. I have 12 hours layover at KUL.
    Do i need E-ntri for exploring the city for 12 hours. I have same PNR.

  33. Hi Sir,
    Me and my wife are going to Melbourne- Australia in a tourist visa from chennai. Air Asia flight from chennai to Klia2 and klia2 to Melbourne, different PNRs 4hr:30min layover time, no check in baggage. Shud we need a visa or twov shall be taken or shud we apply for Malaysian visa.

    • Different PNRs are always risky, but since you will have a valid Australian visa (plus the fact that you will have no check-in baggage), you ought to get the transit visa for free.

  34. sir i am travelling from jaipur to malaysia (3 days) and than from kuala lumpur to Bali (6 days) and than jakarta to Kuala Lumpur again – 2 days – than back to Jaipur. Can u suggest what visa i take for malaysia and how to take online.

  35. Hello,
    I am traveling to Bali via Kuala Lumpur from kochi through Air Asia.I have a layover of 5 hrs in Kuala Lumpur. We have the same pnr on the ticket and do not have check in luggage so do I need a transit visa because we do not know if the terminal will be different or same but it is one ticket and the airlines is air Asia.
    Next we are coming to Kuala Lumpur via Singapore after visiting bali and Singapore. So I require single entry visa or multiple entry visa for Kuala Lumpur.


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