4 Nights, 5 Days In Krabi, Things To Do And Places To See

Krabi in Thailand

Not many of you believe in trying out travel contests that come your way. I, on the contrary, will enter every travel contest that flashes itself in front of my face. One fine day, I entered TourRadar’s contest and guess what? Yes, I was lucky enough to win a 4 nights-5 days trip to Krabi. … Read more

Staying at the InterContinental Bangkok – Hotel Review

InterContinental Bangkok Review

The more we explore South East Asia, the more surprises this side of the globe throws at us. This was my first trip to Thailand (Preethika had visited Bangkok before), and say you know by now, we had an awesome time rock climbing, kayaking and snorkelling in Krabi before checking out the quaint town of … Read more

Exploring Thailand: North to South of Thailand in 10 Days

Thailand in ten days

Thai people are more or less like Indians. We eat a lot, probably all day as the variety of food that’s available is in plenty. We shop till we drop, we have deep-rooted practices that we still continue to follow, temples so beautifully constructed, people are a mixed bag of emotions and the weather is … Read more