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Is it worth visiting the Rann of Kutch?

White desert

You are in one of the dullest looking landscape filled with blue sky and white floor, nothing awe-inspiring for as long as your eyes can see. But for a few people walking, clicking random pictures and just staring around - this place is nothing but a flatbed of salt.  Who

Two Days in Gujarat

Sarkhej Roza

You have got a little over two days in Gujarat and wondering what to do? Try exploring the beautiful cities of Ahmedabad, Somnath and Sasan Gir. At the end of it, if this is a mix of all age group people travelling together, everyone will have something in store for them

Places To Visit In Gujarat

Getting around Gujarat

I wonder how many of us tend to explore the country we are in! In the last few trips, I have consciously decided to make sure that I start exploring more locally than keep checking which international destination to head to. With that, I decided to visit Rann of Kutch or