REI Grand Tour 80 Travel Backpack Review


I had been wanting to experiment with a vlog for a while but the idea never took off since I was wondering which topic should I start with. Also, recently, I had a lot of people asking me on how to choose a travel backpack along with several other general questions about which place, weather, how to reach this city etc.

Earlier, we had published a post on how to choose a good travel backpack. Read that if you are looking for other options.

We all plan a lot with respect to travel: the destination, things to do there, the route maps, make sure we pack some food if possible, exchange currency notes for overseas travel and a lot of other things. Not many think about the travel backpack or what I would call – “Travel Buddy”. The one guy whom you can always rely on. This guy is never going to ditch you last minute saying – Dude, I’m cash strapped or Girl – I’m sick and I don’t think I can make it this time. We all know the feeling yeah?

One important thing that we miss when it comes to travel is investing that time and money in buying one’s travel buddy. It’s the biggest accessory that we need to worry about and safeguard the most cos if he tears apart or goes missing – rest assured that trip has gone down the sea.

So take some time before you think of buying a suitcase or a backpack before everything else. This will be a one time investment and make sure it’s worth it. The normal questions one needs to ask oneself are things like – should it be a Duffle Bag?/ a normal top open backpack for trekking, what kind of suitcase would work, the size that can fit all my shoes and accessories etc etc!

So here it is. My vlog talks about how I chose my backpack and the five main things that you can consider before buying one.

Kindly let me have your feedback or any questions that you may have about your closest travel buddy.

Like I always – Happy travelling!!!

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  1. Are you able to bring this on as a carton if you do not pack it up to the brim? I don’t want to have the hassle of checking the bag in.


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