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Have you visited Chennai’s lighthouse yet?

Ask a Chennai-ite to name a few popular landmarks of the city and I’m sure they would definitely bring this one up. I don’t know how many have paid a visit to the Lighthouse because until a few days back, I hadn’t been there myself.


August 22nd is celebrated as Madras’s (now Chennai) birthday.  How did I plan to celebrate that??? Yes, I decided to give myself the some of the best views of the city by going to the Madras Lighthouse.


About the Madras Light House: This opened in 1977, standing tall in Marina Beach and is known as the city’s modern lighthouse. Its about 46 metres tall, triangular structure with red and white strips and hosts a powerful lighting equipment.

There were three other lighthouses in Madras before this became functional.
1. Fort St. George – 1796
2. Presently in the High Court building compound – 1844
3. The Dome of the High Court – 1894

This is the ONLY active lighthouse in India which is within city limits. It has 9 floors – there is an elevator that takes you all the way up. Once you reach the 9th floor, you need to climb two flights of stairs to catch some of the breathtaking views of the city and the Marina Beach.


Confession: My photos definitely don’t do justice as this visit was not planned and the iPhone 5 I carry along did it’s best.

Once you have finished admiring the beauty of Chennai from the top, head back down to the small museum. This small room takes you through the different types of Lighthouses that existed etc. This place is quite interesting.


An even more interesting picture that I saw in the museum is below.

And that’s how I wished Madras a Happy Birthday – the 376th one.

What you need to know:
Location: Marina Beach, Santhome.
Timings and the entry fee below.


Until next destination – be safe and happy travels.

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