Month: February 2017

Free SIM card for tourists in India

Foreign tourists arriving in India with e-visas to get free pre-activated SIM cards

This is excellent news for foreign tourists coming to India. Tourists who apply for an e-visa to India will now get pre-activated free SIM cards. This is a brilliant move since getting a new SIM card isn’t as easy as getting one in many other countries we’ve been to before. These SIM cards, launched in partnership …

Angkor Wat Cambodia

Visiting The Angkor Wat Just Became More Expensive, By Almost Double

Yes, you read that right. Visiting Cambodia’s celebrated Angkor Wat temples just got more expensive. The 12th-century temple complex, Angkor Wat draws more than two million tourists a year. Starting from the first of February this year, the price of the one day ticket for foreigners goes from $20 to $38 (90% increase in price), the …